TCFD Support and Readiness Study

Preparing Climate Disclosure as per UK FCA regulations for large LSE listed companies


Climate Disclosure Workshop

Conducting a workshop to understand steps to Net Zero and to gain team input into key decisions


Climate Disclosure

Identify the Opportunities and Articulate Your Plans to Others with Confidence

We can help you no matter what stage you are at in understanding and communicating climate related risks and opportunities. Our team is highly flexible and so can adapt to your specific needs.

We can start from scratch, by running a workshop with your team so they become clear about the regulatory requirements and voluntary expectations of your company.

We can then prepare for your Climate and GHG management documentation to get you on track and comply with standards. If you already have systems in place, we can undertake TCFD, ISSB and EU CSRD readiness assessments, to prepare for external audits as part of Climate Disclosure.

We can then evaluate the decarbonisation options which will deliver the greatest emission reductions.

How Can We Help

Calculating Scope 1, 2 and 3 from previous years
Forecasting Future Emissions
Lifecycle Emissions analysis
Preparation for Verification

Prepare Documentation

We can help you build your climate and GHG management documentation to comply with the required standard, whether regulatory or voluntary.

We will help you create, or adopt your existing, GHG inventory to then produce a system which aligns with TCFD Systems, ISSB, EU CSRD, or other standards as required.

This might be from scratch, in which case we will work with your team so we can understand your operations and construct the required systems from the bottom up.

Alternatively, if you already have some systems in place, we can undertake a gap analysis and feedback to you where you may be missing key elements.

Climate Scenario Modelling

Climate Scenario Modelling allows companies to understand the climate-related risks and opportunities they may face, as outlined in TCFD.

We will assess the typical variables which alter the impact of climate change on your business, for example geographical location, nature of operations, market supply and demand, among others.

We will also assess the quantitative aspects by testing your companies resilience against scenarios accepted by independent auditors.

We will then undertake a qualitative analysis by testing your resilience against transition and physical risks and opportunities, for example political and legal, technology and market risks.

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