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Complaints and Appeals Process


It is ERC Evolution’s policy to provide a level of service which is unlikely to result in any complaints or appeals. However, it is recognized that there may be circumstances for appeals and appeals to be raised by a client or by other third parties. All complaints and appeals received by ERC Evolution are fully investigated and the findings are reported to the appellant/ complainant.

Any appeals or complaints must be submitted to ERC Evolution via email:

An acknowledgment of the appeal or complaint will be communicated to the appellant via email.
Appeals will be considered under the following circumstances:

  • The appellant fundamentally disagrees with the verification plan, conclusion, procedures, or methods that have been conducted by the team.
  • The appellant believes that accepted auditing principles (e.g., impartiality, conservativeness, confidentiality) have been violated, such that the verification process has been compromised.

Complaints will be considered under the following circumstances:

  • Client or responsible party has a concern or procedural disagreement with the verification process that has been conducted by the team. This may include, but not limited to, arbitrary or capricious requirements, inadequate record keeping, or lack of senior oversight.
  • Client or responsible party has any concern or disagreement with the conduct or competence of the verification team.

Upon receipt of a complaint or appeal, the General Manager of ERC Evolution will appoint an impartiality panel to review it. If the General Manager was involved in the verification work to which the complaint or appeal pertains to, then it will be the responsibility of the ERC Evolution Board to appoint an impartiality panel to review the complaint or appeal. The outcome of the review, resolution and any corrective actions shall be communicated to the appellant/complainant and relevant stakeholders by the impartiality panel within 10 working days. Should the appellant/complainant be dissatisfied with the result or handling of the appeal/complaint, the appellant/ complainant may refer the matter to ANAB or the applicable GHG Program. If the GHG Program overturns the verification as it was originally performed or stated, and ERC Evolution agrees with the findings, ERC Evolution reserves the right to revise the verification report.

Holly Baker