Reserves and Resources

North Sea Late-Life Due Diligence

Valuing Decommissioning Deferral


Coalbed Methane Evaluation

Onshore United Kingdom, operator required coalbed methane reserve estimation for several blocks within their recently acquired acreage


Shale Gas Evaluation

Onshore United Kingdom, operator required a shale gas reserve estimation for several blocks within their recently acquired acreage


Prospect Red Flag Review

Our client considered a potential farm-in to a licence block containing 6 prospects.


Private: Mongolia CBM Resources Evaluation

Assessment of the CBM Contingent and Prospective Resources, South Gobi Basin


Resources Evaluation of Dorado Discovery

ERCE was asked by Carnarvon Energy to perform an independent technical review of the Dorado resource following the Dorado-2 appraisal well in 2019


Conceptual Plan for Redevelopment of Marginal Fields in the South China Sea

Many marginal fields have been discovered in the South China Sea and may become stranded. The recovery of oil prices offers an opportunity to develop these fields.


Reserves and Resources

Trust Built on Decades of Experience

Over 40 years of global experience and technical expertise have made our Reserves and Resource reports a benchmark for international disclosure.

Trusted by everyone from Reserve Bank Lenders to Portfolio Managers to objectively evaluate the value of activities.


How We Can Help

Annual and/or Public Reserves and Resources reporting
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Reserves and Resources

Where Energy Meets Expertise

Our strong technical capabilities, flexible approach to client’s requirements, and longstanding professional associations make us the ideal energy consulting group to assist our clients with their reporting needs. We are associated with the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers (SPEE) and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

We have extensive experience, knowledge, and understanding of global reporting standards. We provide bespoke solutions and advisory services to meet regional commercial verification requirements.

Reserves and Resources

Our Skillset

We have a diverse skillset that enables us to report on a wide range of asset types including on/offshore and unconventional portfolios such as deep-water, shale, CBM and heavy oil.

Our team regularly provides certified Reserves to international stock exchanges (UK, USA, Canadian, Australian, Norwegian and Swedish) using PRMS industry guidelines. We also report using other standards including SEC, NI 51-101 and UNFC depending on the specific requirements of a project.

Our clients range from small-cap start ups to mid-cap producers to National Oil Companies (NOCs). We are also well known within the finance community, where our staff have been seconded within RBL groups and have worked with leading US, UK, European and Japanese banks, providing technical advisory services on lending activities.

We actively support a number of Private Equity firms, providing independent assessments for investments.