Tendrara TE-5 Horst Gas Discovery Dynamic Model Build

Representing a fractured, carbonate reservoir with a Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) produces an intuitively understandable model


Geosteering Extended Reach Wells in Thin Oil Columns

Geosteer four new extended reach lateral boreholes within the producing Wandoo oil field, offshore north-western Australia


Static Model Build of Complex Brownfield, Offshore Australia

ERCE built a static model of the Wandoo oil field in offshore north-western Australia to incorporate new infill wells


Resources Evaluation of Dorado Discovery

ERCE was asked by Carnarvon Energy to perform an independent technical review of the Dorado resource following the Dorado-2 appraisal well in 2019


Conceptual Plan for Redevelopment of Marginal Fields in the South China Sea

Many marginal fields have been discovered in the South China Sea and may become stranded. The recovery of oil prices offers an opportunity to develop these fields.


Coalbed Methane Evaluation

Onshore United Kingdom, operator required coalbed methane reserve estimation for several blocks within their recently acquired acreage


Sub-Thrust Exploration

Onshore Bolivia. Constructing multiple balanced structural cross-sections based on surface data, seismic, and well data. Estimating prospective resources


Regional Basin Exploration

Offshore Falkland Islands, South America. Interpretation of multiple 3D and 2D seismic surveys and well data to understand the basin’s history and tectono-stratigraphy


Fractured Carbonates

Representing a fractured, carbonate reservoir with a Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) produces an intuitively understandable model


Cross Border Fields Development Study

Two giant oil fields that straddle the international border of Iraq and Kuwait and had been developed separately. In 2019, ERCE was appointed to outline the technical and legal mechanisms for the clients to develop and invest in these oilfields.


Vintage 2D Seismic Data Loading for Basin Exploration and Storage Potential

ERCE conducted SEGY data manipulation and loading of hundreds of 2D seismic surveys from multiple vintages into a single seismic interpretation project.


Static Model Build

North African, matrix producing limestone oil field required static model for volumetric assessment and use in future dynamic simulation


Recoverable Resources Sensitivity Analysis

Client determined a range of recoverable volumes by using a dynamic model and applying an ensemble methodology


Shale Gas Evaluation

Onshore United Kingdom, operator required a shale gas reserve estimation for several blocks within their recently acquired acreage


Prospect Red Flag Review

Our client considered a potential farm-in to a licence block containing 6 prospects.


Technical Services

Studies That Go Above and Beyond

Our technical and economic expertise is borne from challenges unearthed with every project, innovative technology, or new business idea. Our diverse team draws from what we know, while being open to the expanding possibilities of fresh ideas.

Our goal is to extract the greatest value and the brightest future possible.


How We Can Help

Static & Dynamic Modelling
Seismic Interpretation
Depth conversion
Rock Physics
Integrated regional basin analysis
Structural & kinematic modelling
Fracture modelling
Integrated well analysis/correlation studies
Well test analysis
Field development planning and development scenarios
Economic modelling
Facilities and cost estimation
Data rooms

Independent Intelligence

Providing Technical Services For All Subsurface Activities

Our specialist technical capabilities have formed the core foundations of ERCE since our inception. Geologists, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists, Reservoir Engineers, Field Development Engineers and Economists form our fully integrated multi-disciplinary team.

The team understands that every technical study is unique, allowing us to offer bespoke, customised services to each of our clients.

Our team have a diverse skill-set and have the capability to provide the following services, alongside many others, to the oil and gas industry.

We also offer technical support to clients with unconventional portfolios including deepwater, shale, coal-bed methane (CBM) and heavy oil.

Technical Services


In the office, staff of all disciplines are co-located allowing full cross-discipline communication. This increases time and cost efficiency on projects for our clients through advanced knowledge sharing and reduced iteration on projects.

All technical work is peer reviewed internally to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to our clients.

ERCE staff regularly attend training courses and conferences to keep abreast of the latest technical knowledge and technological developments for their disciplines. We also frequently host ‘lunch and learns’ where we invite academics, software developers and associates with specialist knowledge, to present to the team on recent developments in Geoscience, Engineering and Economics. Where appropriate, we then apply these new learnings to our project work.