Creation of GHG Management System

Preparing for the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive


GHG Emissions Forecasting

Developing a methodology and calculation tools to forecast emissions over asset life


Climate Disclosure Workshop

Conducting a workshop to understand steps to Net Zero and to gain team input into key decisions


TCFD Support and Readiness Study

Preparing Climate Disclosure as per UK FCA regulations for large LSE listed companies


Waste Management

Completing an independent verification of annual emissions


Offshore E&P

Completing an independent verification of annual emissions


Financial Services

Completing an independent verification of annual emissions


GHG Emissions

The World of Climate Disclosure is Rapidly Evolving.

Demands from stakeholders are changing the way businesses, the public, the financial markets and regulators interact. Developments in international frameworks and local regulations are impacting businesses.

We use our industry knowledge and technical expertise to deliver results. We are scientists, engineers and economists who keep up to date with the evolving regulatory and voluntary reporting landscape globally.

As technical and commercial consultants, we work with our clients to find and implement practical solutions. As independent evaluators we bring our hands-on experience in field operations, and our knowledge of building climate disclosure systems, to complete our calculations and analysis.


GHG Emissions Calculations

Understanding the Problem

The first step in calculating GHG emissions is to quantify and classify emissions into Scope 1, 2 and 3 categories for the past year.

Once you know your current emissions, the next step is to forecast your emissions over the coming decades.

When you understand your trajectory, you then have a clear path to realising where reductions need to be made to align with your goals.

Our deep knowledge of operations and wide expertise allows us to turn raw data into the most accurate emissions calculations, past, present and future.


  • Calculating Past Emissions
  • Forecasting Future Emissions
  • Lifecycle Emission Analysis
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GHG Emissions Verification

Understanding the Problem

Voluntary verification prepares you for future regulation, demonstrates transparency & commitment to reducing emissions and ensures data quality.

Regulatory Verification is essential for participating in cap-and-trade systems or establishing carbon tax liability.

Verifying your GHG inventory provides an independent assessment of your emissions and emissions management for the reporting year.

Our ISO 14064-3 certified verifiers provide a highly credible stamp of approval to your GHG calculations; and our operational knowledge offers additional confidence in the case for real-world results.


  • GHG Protocol
  • ISO Verification
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Climate Disclosure

Understanding the Problem

Climate disclosure is now mandated for most listed companies globally. The US, EU, Singapore and IFRS have all published rules. Adoption of these rules across global exchanges will happen rapidly to mean companies must now help investors understand the ‘E’ in ESG.

Emission frameworks, like TCFD, provide a means of understanding your emissions and allow you to map out a plan to mitigate them along with better understanding the risks and opportunities relevant to your business – from changing climate and associated policies to industry and market movements.

These frameworks also provide a mechanism for. independent auditing and more effective communication of results to stakeholders.

We have decades of experience in complex technical and commercial reporting to capital markets and a background in science, engineering, policy and economics.

This gives us the sharpest picture of risks and opportunities to give you complete accuracy in answering how climate change will impact your business.


  • Prepare Documentation
  • Climate Scenario Modelling
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