GHG Emissions Calculations

Creation of GHG Management System

Preparing for the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive


Waste Management

Completing an independent verification of annual emissions


TCFD Support and Readiness Study

Preparing Climate Disclosure as per UK FCA regulations for large LSE listed companies


Where You Are, Where You're Going and Where You Need to Get To

Understanding the Problem

Our team of expert scientists and engineers will quickly understand your emission sources and quantify your CO2e.

Our calculations will be in an accessible, easy to follow format without the use of any black box software.

This method will mean your internal team can easily understand the calculations and take ownership of the process going forward.

It will also make verification of your emissions an efficient, streamlined process.

If you are unclear on which calculations you need, or which standard to align to we can help with that too.

We are happy to discuss during a call, or you could have us run a workshop with your team to help them understand the current landscape of emissions.

Calculating Past Emissions

We will assess your business and understand your motivation and requirements in order to determine organisational boundaries.

We will then analyse your data and quantify your Scope 1, 2 and required Scope 3 emissions.

In the calculation of Scope 3, there will likely be many data gaps, which will need to be filled with best practice assumptions.

We can use our considerable expertise and experience to fill in for missing data and align your methodology with the recommendations of the GHG Protocol, or other standards, as preferred. Finally, we will ensure you are ready for verification of your emissions by a third party.

Forecasting Future Emissions

Until recently, emission calculations were focused solely on quantifying past emissions.

However with the advent of TCFD, and increasing carbon taxes and climate risks, a growing number of companies wish to understand where their emissions are heading.

This allows them to understand the risks to their business, as well as identify potential opportunities.

In order to help you do this, we can forecast your emissions over the coming decades, and develop the tools to allow you to update this annually going forward.

This will then allow you to better identify the key areas in which to target decarbonisation projects, in order to make the largest cumulative emission reductions.

Lifecycle Emission Analysis

As customers are increasing effort to decarbonise their supply chains, there is more and more demand to buy products which have the lowest associated emissions.

Understanding the emissions associated with your product is of increasing importance, not only to disclose to your existing customers on request, but also as a marketing tool to attract new customers an ever-more emission conscious market.

Outshine the competition by having readily available data to hand, and then use this data to reduce the emissions of your own supply chain.

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