Carbon Capture and

UK 2022 Licencing Round

Supporting a client in their submission to the UK NSTA


Carbon Capture and Storage

Matching emissions sources to sinks as part of country level screening


Stranded Emitters

Identifying CO2 storage options for stranded emitters


UK Regulatory Submission

Completing an Independent Risk Assessment


Independent Storage Capacity Audit

Completing an Independent Audit of a CCS project to the SMRS standard


Carbon Capture and Storage

Capture and Lock Away Hard-to-Abate Emissions for Millennia

Safe, secure and transparent operations are key to employing this mitigation technology.

CCS is not a new concept; however, for those new to the industry there are specific challenges which need to be addressed.

Our staff have a wealth of experience in assisting developers from the early stages of project screening right through to the advanced stages of appraisal and operations. We are also extensively experienced in helping developers to understand and comply with regulatory requirements, from licensing rounds, to the UK NSTA early risk assessments.

Our skills span the full value chain, which has included negotiating emitters into clusters, evaluating infrastructure reuse, and building geological models of the subsurface.

Whether you want a full bottom-up technical study, or expert peer review of existing work and assumptions, we can help.

How We Can Help

Independent Risk Assessment
SMRS Independent Storage Capacity Assessment
Technical and Commercial Studies
Concept Select Studies
Policy and Regulatory Studies
Emitter and CO2 Resource Studies

Screening Studies

In order to develop the most cost-efficient and secure CCS project, you will need to ensure your site satisfies certain criteria.

At ERCE, we have developed a traffic light system covering both saline aquifers and deplete fields, which we use to quantify site suitability and rank accordingly.

This system not only covers the subsurface, but also takes into consideration emitters and top side infrastructure in order to optimise the economics.

If you would like to develop a CCS project and have a regional area in mind, we can undertake high level screening to help you select the optimal point for your project.

If you have a specific site in mind, we can take a high-level red flag approach to give you confidence in moving forward, or alert you to any issues you may face further down the line.

Technical and Commercial Studies

If you wish to progress your CCS project past regulatory approval, there are a number of technical studies you will need to carry out.

You will need to demonstrate you have considered the full chain concept: this can range from the commercial model to the MMV plan and understanding the pressure extent of the CO2 plume.

We have extensive experience in navigating these hurdles with the UK regulator, and have developed a strong set of in-house expertise.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, construction and simulation of subsurface models, risk assessment relating to containment and conformance, potential for reuse of infrastructure, and economic analysis of project lifecycle.

SRMS Independent Storage Capacity Assessment

Communicating your plans to stakeholders is key.

The SPE SRMS provides a framework to explain the risks, uncertainties and path to commerciality for a carbon storage project.

We have undertaken independent evaluations of carbon storage projects to the SRMS framework, to a level of detail equivalent to our Competent Persons Reports (CPRs).

If you wish to present evidence of the viability of your CCS project to your stakeholders, then get in touch.

Independent Risk Assessment

Understanding the risks associated with CCS projects is a necessary step early on in the process.

These risks can include leakage of CO2 outside the storage complex, poor injectivity, or lower than expected capacity.

We have acted as an independent peer reviewer for an Early Risk Assessment review of a carbon storage site with the UK regulator, the NSTA.

We can review your risk assessment to help you satisfy regulatory requirements, and give you confidence in your assessment of risks and uncertainties.

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Policy and Regulatory Studies

Have you only just started considering CCS, and wondering what is possible?

We have considerable knowledge of different frameworks and incentives around the world, such as the EU and UK ETS, 45Q, EU CBAM and the voluntary carbon credit market, among others.

We can discuss with you the global state of play of CCS and undertake further in-depth research into regions in which you are interested, to highlight growth opportunities.

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