Reservoir Modelling

Simulation modelling of a Lithium Brine reservoir to understand injection and mixing effects


Onshore Development

Investigating the impact of Solar Power supporting onshore developments


Electrifying Facilities

Evaluating cost and emission implications of incorporating wind into a project


Lithium Energy

A Resource for a New Technological Era

At ERCE, we are engaged with the Lithium Brine industry. Our team has worked with developers and conducted R&D on how to apply reservoir and production engineering techniques to lithium brine developments. Our emissions team is also ready to help you quantify how your project is different than traditional lithium developments.

How We Can Help

Regional Geological Modelling
Static Modelling
Dynamic Modelling
Well Testing
Resource Quantification
Cost Estimation
Economic Modelling
Independent Assessment
Climate Risk
Opportunity Assessment

Lithium Energy

Our goal is to support developers and investors execute projects, to bring an important resource to market at the scale customers demand.

From exploration to production and ultimately decommissioning of activities, we provide full-lifecycle support and fit-for purpose solutions to the lithium sector.

Technical studies, resource verification and commercial evaluations are all day-to-day activities for us.