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Reduce your Emissions to Remain Competitive

We are uniquely qualified to help lower your carbon emissions.

We have an encyclopaedic knowledge of carbon reduction benchmarks, best practice and credit system.

We understand how carbon accounting works, and can tie this in with our costs and facilities and economics teams to best advise your route to decarbonise.

How We Can Help

Facilities Decarbonisation
Cost and Emissions Benefit Analysis
Screening/Benchmarking Studies to Quantify Emission Reduction Potential
Nature Based Solution Studies
Voluntary Carbon Credit Studies
Support for Voluntary Carbon Credit Applications

Screening Studies

Understanding where you sit relative to your baseline will not only help you identify where improvements can be made, but will also allow you to understand how your stakeholders view your emission track record.

We can undertake screening studies to quantify emission reduction potential across a range of operations.

We are specialists in heavy industry where we can undertake technical screening at concept select stage to allow you to progress to FEED with the lowest possible emission plan.

Our integrated team of scientists, engineers and economists work with clients, assessing opportunities to reduce operational emissions and across supply chains.

This can include a comparison of emission reduction options for existing or proposed developments, among others.

Voluntary Carbon Credit Applications

Once you have evaluated your decarbonisation options, you may find a gap in emissions still exists between where you can currently get to, and where you need to be to reach your emission target.

This gap is where carbon credits come in.

We can work with you to help you navigate the voluntary carbon credit market, and select high quality carbon offsets which are verifiable and make a real different to emission reductions.

Voluntary Carbon Credit Studies

If you are considering implementing a project to reduce GHG emissions, then it may be eligible to receive carbon credits.

We can work with you to undertake a carbon and risk assessment of your proposed project, to quantify the likely emission reductions and highlight any potential risks which may arise.

Our economics team can provide cost estimates for project implementation, as well as the forecasted revenue from sale of any carbon credits.

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Contact Us

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