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Geosteering Extended Reach Wells in Thin Oil Columns

Number of Infill Campaigns


2022 Infill Wells


2022 Geosteered Lengths


Maximum DLS


Average ROP

30-40 m/hr

Geosteer four new extended reach lateral boreholes within the producing Wandoo oil field, offshore north-western Australia.



Vermilion Oil and Gas Australia (VOGA) had a small in-house subsurface technical team, and required the skills of an experienced geologist to geosteer these complex wells for optimal well placement within the key reservoir intervals.


ERCE seconded one of their principal geologists who has more than 20 years experience in well placement to VOGA’s Perth office for the duration of the operational campaign (May – August 2022).

The geologist worked extensively with the client’s operational team and the chosen drilling and measurements contractors to use cutting edge geosteering technology (Periscope, GeosphereHD, Geosphere3D) to place these complex wells within a 2m window in the remaining oil column. Optimal well placement also involved collision mitigation from existing wells, avoidance of the gas cap and water legs, navigating fault crossings and staying within the key geological zones within the reservoir.

The campaign concluded with all wells being placed successfully in optimal locations for oil production.


ERCE has extensive experience in offshore Australian reservoirs and was able to provide an experienced local staff member who could integrate the requirements of drilling, completions and reservoir engineering with the geological placement requirements of the extended reach horizontal wells. The ability to “speak the same language” as aligned disciplines allows for the best cast outcome of these complex wellbores.