Dr Jonathan Hull FGS


Jonathan is Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of ERCE. He is a geoscientist by background with extensive experience in new business development, M&A, exploration, appraisal, development and production operations gained over 20+ years at Woodside Energy, Ophir Energy and ERCE.

Jonathan was previously Head of ERCE’s Expert Practice a multi-disciplinary group, capable of performing integrated technical, commercial and economic assessments of issues under dispute in Court or Arbitration proceedings. As Director of Subsurface at Ophir Energy Jonathan was responsible for the delivery of all geoscience, exploration and reservoir management activities across Ophir’s global portfolio.

Jonathan has worked across a diverse range of geological and geographic environments including West, North and East Africa, SE Asia, Australia, and Central America. Jonathan has deep experience of Production Sharing Contracts, Joint Operating Agreements and associated Joint Venture Management activities in a variety of regulatory regimes.  

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