Dr Adam Law FGS SPEE


Dr. Adam Law is a Founding Director of ERCE. Since 1994 he has gained extensive experience both as an operator and as a consultant. Adam worked as a Geoscientist for Amerada Hess and as a Geophysicist for British Gas, prior to joining Equipoise Solutions as a Principal Geoscientist in 2003. Adam served as a Director of Geoscience at ERCE until his appointment as Managing Director in 2016.

Adam has worked in a variety of basins around the world and has been involved in all aspects of geoscience analysis, from frontier exploration to field rehabilitation. In recent years he has led the geological and geophysical evaluation of some of largest discoveries in the world. At ERCE, Adam is a project manager for acquisition and divestment assistance, and also reserves auditing.

Adam is a registered Auditor with the SPEE and certifies reports for a number of stock exchanges as a Competent Person. He holds a PhD in Geophysics from Cambridge University and a Bachelor of Science in Exploration Geophysics from London University. He is also a former Officer of the Geological Society of London and has been a member of the Council of the PESGB. He is currently President of the AAPG Europe Region. He as a visiting lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London.

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