Carl Stark


Carl has over 25 years of sedimentological and sequence stratigraphic experience working with E&P companies on exploration, development and producing assets.

Carl has collaborated on projects with companies including; Shell, OMV, ConocoPhillips, Murphy, BHP, Soco, Cairn Energy, Inpex, Woodside and ENI, in sedimentary basins ranging from West Africa, India, SE Asia, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand. His expertise lies in a multidisciplinary approach, tying in core-based studies with high-resolution image data and sequence stratigraphic analysis. He has worked both siliciclastic and carbonate systems, with environments of deposition (EOD) ranging from fluvial, estuarine systems, fluvial- and wave-dominated deltaic systems, shallow water pinnacle reef and deep-marine ramp carbonate systems, along with slope- to basin-floor fan turbidites.

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