Ellen Mitchell, FGS


Ellen has been with the ERCE group for over 8 years, and joined ERC Evolution when it was formed in 2021. Ellen leads many of ERCE’s projects across our Decarbonisation and Emissions services, and is particularly active in CCS. 

Prior to joining the Evolution division, she was a member of the ERCE Energy geoscience team, where she integrated subsurface data including seismic, structural interpretation, well logs, and literature to construct and interrogate reservoir models from around the world. As a Project Manager within the ERCE Energy audit group, she guided multi-disciplinary teams to deliver outcomes which take into consideration subsurface, facilities, and economic elements.

Ellen holds an MEarthSci from the University of Oxford and is a CSA certified GHG emissions verifier and validator. She is an active participant in the wider geoscience community as a Fellow of the Geological Society of London and has been a visiting lecturer at Imperial College London.

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