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ERCE Global Upstream M&A Tracker Q2 2021 Issue


Zhamal Orazbayeva (Head of Economics, ERCE Asia Pacific) zorazbayeva@erce.energy

Nicholas Lee (Graduate Economist, ERCE Asia Pacific) nlee@erce.energy

Welcome to ERCE’s Global Upstream M&A Tracker

ERCE’s Global Upstream M&A Tracker provides an easy and detailed summary and analysis of global upstream M&A deals, both asset- and corporate-level. This edition covers upstream M&A activity over Q2 2021.

Global M&A: At a Glance

ERCE has recorded 67 deals with a total reported deal value of US$24.165bn since the Q1-21 edition of the M&A tracker was released.

Seven deals crossed the US$1bn mark: the Cabot/Cimarex merger, EQT’s acquisition of Alta Resources, Southwestern’s acquisition of Indigo, the Independence/Contango merger, the Civitas/Crestone merger and Mubadala’s acquisition of Delek’s stake in the Tamar gas field.

North America was again the most active region in terms of the number of deals and the total transaction value, as the consolidation in America’s shale patch continues to intensify. The reported deal value was approximately US$21.1bn, with six deals exceeding the US$1bn mark.

There was a pickup in M&A activity in APAC and Latin America, with a recorded deal value of US$777.9MM and US$879.5MM respectively.

Read the full report for more analysis and Global Upstream M&A Metrics. 

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