Independent Risk Assessment for Carbon Capture & Storage

Independent Risk Assessment

Understanding the risks associated with CCS projects is a necessary step early on in the process.

These risks can include leakage of CO2 outside the storage complex, poor injectivity, or lower than expected capacity.

We have acted as an independent peer reviewer for an Early Risk Assessment review of a carbon storage site with the UK regulator, the NSTA.

We can review your risk assessment to help you satisfy regulatory requirements, and give you confidence in your assessment of risks and uncertainties.

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NSTA Early Risk Assessment

In the United Kingdom, the Carbon Capture and Storage Regulator is the NSTA. In the UK, a storage license has three terms:

  • Appraisal Term
  • Operational Term
  • Post-Closure Period

After the 2022-2023 UK CCS licensing round, the winners enter their Appraisal Term. In the Appraisal Term, they begin a 4 step process:

  1. Early Risk Assessment
  2. Site Characterisation
  3. Assess
  4. Define

The Early Risk Assessment requires Operators to engage with:

Potential threats to containment and key uncertainties in defining the proposed Storage Site and Storage Complex. (These) should be defined early in a licence in order to identify risk reduction measures and the need for further studies, data gathering and/or appraisal. The results of this early risk assessment will identify the need for additional data gathering or appraisal and inform the requirements for Measurement, Monitoring and Verification (“MMV”) and Corrective Measures (“CM”) plans as part of any future Storage Permit Application.”

To support the Workshop, Operators are required to get 3rd Party Independent Assessments of their ERA report. The independent company participates in the Workshop too.


As part of this stage, Operators must:

Deliver an Early Risk Assessment (ERA) Report
Participate in an Early Risk Assessment Workshop

How Can ERCE Help?

Independent Assessment

ERCE has participated in the Early Risk Assessment phase. We have delivered our results to the NSTA and our work allowed for the successful progression of the Storage License Application.

We are familiar with Risk systems, as they relate to the site and the complex. Our team brings experience from within oil and gas, but also from other industries such as steel and EPC. We work to understand your corporate risk system and how you’ve related it to the project. We then look at how that project risk system addresses the requirements of the relevant regulations and standards.

Preparing a Risk Assessment Report

Rather than being an independent assessor, we can instead work with your team preparing the report. Our team understands the goal. We have the integrated capabilities across subsurface, topsides and commercial modelling to support building a risk system appropriate for submission to the NSTA.

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Our Team

Paul Chernik, P.Eng

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Rouha Hussaina CEng, MIMechE

Head of Energy Transition Services

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