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Tendrara TE-5 Horst Gas Discovery Dynamic Model Build

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Tendrara TE-5 Horst Gas Discovery Dynamic Model Build

Sound Energy Plc (Sound) is engaged in a gas development within the Tendrara Production Concession, onshore Morocco. ERCE has provided Sound with subsurface technical support to develop the dynamic model for the Tendrara gas discovery.



ERCE provided subsurface technical support to develop, from the client’s static model, a ‘fit to purpose’, history matched dynamic model including incorporating a multi-stage hydraulically fractured horizontal well, which had an extended well test and fracture fluid flowback tracer data. The purpose of this model was to allow sensitivity analysis on field development options to be carried out with minimal simulation run times.


ERCE upscaled the static model and built the dynamic model from the upscaled geological model. We incorporated the tracer data from each stage of fracture into our model to history match the post fracture test data.
ERCE generated several forecasting scenarios with optimised drilling schedule while optimising the contractual obligations for the supply of gas.
We reduced the model run time from approximately 5 days down to less than one hour.


ERCE has extensive experience in building and history matching dynamic models. We incorporated a novel solution for modeling and history matching a multi staged hydraulically fractured horizontal well and generated a production that allows the client to carry out sensitivity analysis and forecasting in an efficient manner.