Oil & Gas

Static Model Build of Complex Brownfield, Offshore Australia

Years of Production


Meters of Producing Wellbore


Depth Below Mudline


Maximum Permeability

15,000 mD

Oil Properties

19° API, 14cp Viscosity


Build a static model of the Wandoo oil field in offshore north-western Australia to incorporate new infill wells.


Vermilion Oil and Gas Australia (VOGA) operates the Wandoo oilfield in offshore Australia and undertook the 7th infill campaign on the field in 2022. In order to predict future production and assess additional infill targets, an updated static model was required which incorporated insights from the most recent campaign (4 extended reach lateral boreholes), as well as lessons learnt from recent production.


ERCE was able to provide a principal geologist who was able to both geosteer the infill wells during drilling operations, and then build a static model to incorporate the insights from the new wells. This allowed maximum insight into the architecture of the field and distribution of geological and petrophysical properties within the reservoir.


ERCE’s local knowledge and global skills enabled a single resource to undertake both the geosteering of infill wells and static model build to maximise integrated knowledge of the Wandoo reservoir. The geologist worked alongside VOGA’s reservoir engineer to ensure the results of 29 years of production were captured in the static model. Where appropriate, the methodologies of previous models was maintained whilst updates were made on areas that could provide additional value. Potential future infill campaigns will be evaluated using this new reservoir model.