Oil & Gas

Static Model Build

Onshore North Africa, static model build of complex tidal reservoir environment for dynamic simulation and optimization of reservoir development strategy



Client had small in-house technical team requiring static and dynamic modelling expertise in order to construct static and dynamic models for multiple fields for optimal infill well planning. Static model construction was underpinned by detailed core and sedimentological studies, incorporating environment of deposition maps into the facies modelling to ensure a geologically realistic model.


ERCE’s geological team reviewed core and FMI data (physical and digital) to build a detailed understanding of the depositional environment for a number of fields, in a tidally dominated setting. Environment of deposition maps were generated in order to describe the distribution of reservoir sands and reservoir quality.

Facies models were built using a multistage process to capture the depositional element scale, utilizing the maps, and also incorporating finer scale heterogeneity from facies log interpretation.

Geologist and Reservoir Engineer worked closely during the history matching phase to fine tune the static models. A final static model, sedimentological and FMI descriptions, along with environment of deposition maps provided to our client as final deliverables.


ERCE has extensive experience in static modelling. Our geoscientists use statistical methodologies combined with solid geological understanding to build models that are fit for our clients needs. Our multidisciplinary teams work in harmony to ensure static models can be used in future simulation studies where required. We value regular and continued communication with our clients throughout modelling projects in order to fully integrate data with existing knowledge.