Oil & Gas

Regional Basin Exploration

Offshore Falkland Islands, South America. Interpretation of multiple 3D and 2D seismic surveys and well data to understand the basin’s history and tectono-stratigraphy.



The North Falkland Basin is an under-explored basin with a high structural complexity. The aim of this study was primarily to understand the wider context of the Sea Lion discovery and the depositional environment of the turbidite fan system, but also to identify additional prospects within this large basin.


ERCE carried out a regional seismic interpretation study by integrating a number of 3D seismic surveys, several hundred 2D seismic lines from various vintages, and well data. We identified multiple rifting phases, multiple tectonics uplift phases, recognised sediment input mechanics, and developed a tectono-stratigraphic chart for the basin.

We have worked closely together with Rockhopper Exploration and Premier Oil (now Harbour Energy), as well as their specialist associates. We have also collaborated with Prof. John Underhill.

A part of this study was published in Journal of Petroleum Geoscience, whereas most of the work remains confidential: https://www.lyellcollection.org/doi/full/10.1144/petgeo2014-050


This study was part of the long-term project support for the client. ERCE has a large sub-surface support team with not only a wide range of skills sets but also specialist skills. Frequent workshops at ERCE’s and the client’s office guaranteed stimulating discussions which were very beneficial for the progress of the technical work.


Integrated project by geoscientists, reservoir engineers, facilities engineers and economists looking at the value of remaining reserves, potential upsides, cost verification, facilities integrity and infrastructure reuse.