Reserves and Resources

Prospectivity Review, Mid North Sea High, Offshore

Independent review of Horizon Energy Partners’ Dabinett Prospect with Haupt Dolomite and Carboniferous reservoirs on the United Kingdom Mid North Sea High.



Horizon Energy required an independent review of the Dabinett Prospect for use both within their organisation and to provide confidence to potential participants looking to join them in the drilling of their initial exploration well.


ERCE’s team of geologists and geophysicists worked collaboratively to review the data provided by Horizon Energy relating to the prospect. Seismic data and associated interpretation, depth conversion, offset well data and regional analogues were all used to build a robust picture of the potential range of hydrocarbons in place at Dabinett. The team worked closely to create synthetics and a seismic inversion volume that gave confidence to a difficult top reservoir interpretation. A range of in place and recoverable hydrocarbon volumes were calculated for each of the three reservoir units, along with a geological chance of success. The main deliverable of the project was a detailed report to PRMS standards.


ERCE has extensive experience in Prospective Resources reporting. Our multi- disciplinary teams use their technical skills and detailed regional understanding to provide high quality reports that can be relied upon by both the client and their investors. We work alongside our clients to create efficient workflows allowing us to deliver results quickly and to high standards.