Oil & Gas

Cross Border Fields Development Study

Two giant oil fields that straddle the international border of Iraq and Kuwait and had been developed separately. In 2019, ERCE was appointed to outline the technical and legal mechanisms for the clients to develop and invest in these oilfields.



ERCE was asked to perform technical and economic development studies whilst preparing cross-border agreements with an international law firm on the Safwan-Al-Abdali and South Rumail / Al-Ratqa – Ratqa oil fields.


ERCE conducted a rigorous review of the available data. Utilising our integrated in-house team, ERCE was able to progress its analysis and interpretation across a the different subsurface and facility disciplines in tandem to ensure a timely delivery of the results. Our petrophysicists conducted a detailed log, core and facies evaluation of more than 100 wells, incorperating the extensive core and well log data whilst our geoscience team was able to progress with the seismic interpretation and depth conversion in parallel.

ERCE constructed a static geological model in Schlumberger’s Petrel software incorporating this petrophysical analysis and seismic interpretation: our geoscientists worked with our engineers to make sure the model would be suitable for use in future dynamic simulation scenarios in various reservoir engineering software. The dynamic model was history matched to the extensive production and pressure database which was used to evaluate the effectiveness of a range of development options.

ERCE also conducted a review of the existing facilities, pipelines and offtake options to assess and recommend how future subsurface developments could be executed. The development plans were costed and economic analysis was conducted to determine their commerciality. ERCE worked closely with an international law firm to prepare a legal framework for future development, leveraging its extensive experience in redetermination and unitisation proceedings.


ERCE has extensive experience in delivering integrated modelling and development projects. ERCE’s technical excellence, cross-discipline approach and rigorous peer review process ensures that projects are delivered to a high standard and in a timely manner. ERCE uses its experience in Expert witness and unitisation proceedings to provide bespoke & confidential services to its clients.